The Search Begins!

 If you are: 
- 13-18 years old* (*candidates must be 13-18 years old by May 23, 2015) 
- A Filipino citizen 
- A natural born female 
- Currently enrolled in an educational institution (home school, vocational &         technical courses included) 
- Socially aware of issues facing teens 
- Active in extra-curricular activities 

You just might be the next Miss Teen Philippines! 


Interested in joining? Then these are what we need from you: 
- 1 full body photo and 1 close up photo
- Original copy of your birth certificate 
- For dual citizenship holders or applicants born outside the Philippines: Proof   of  Filipino citizenship in accordance with applicable laws  
- Original copy of your high school diploma or certificate of enrollment in any   educational institution. Certificate of enrollment should be signed by the   school principal, director or equivalent. Home-schoolers, distance education   students,   students of technical/vocational courses and the like are welcome   to apply.  
- All past and present media contracts 
- Parents’ or guardian’s consent. Applicants whose parents are legally separated   should also submit a valid copy of Order of Custody 

How to Join: 

 1. Download and fill out the official Miss Teen Philippines (MTP) application form. 

 2. Email accomplished application form and scanned copies of the required documents to
    Deadline of submission is on March 8,  2015 so better get started!  

3. Wait to hear from us! Applicants who pass the first round of screening will be invited to attend the Pre-Qualification Screening and Interview.
    These will be conducted in: 
     - Davao  
     - CDO 
     - Naga 
     - Cebu 
     - Iloilo 
     - Baguio 
     - Manila 
Applicants who cannot attend their scheduled Pre-Qualification Screening and Interview will be disqualified.

4. Those who pass the Pre-Qualification Screening and Interview stage will be invited to join the Regional Finals (to be held in the seven cities mentioned above).  The top five candidates from each of the Regional Finals will compete in the Miss Teen Philippines National Pageant in Manila. Regional Finalists from Davao, CDO,  Naga, Cebu, Iloilo and Baguio will be flown to Manila by the Miss Teen Philippines pageant organizers. 

Keep in mind that any of the following will automatically disqualify an applicant:  

-Applicant has been married (even if the applicant is no longer married or if marriage has been considered void) 
-Applicant has been the subject of pornographic, scandalous, immoral, indecent, or otherwise distasteful photographs, videos or audio-visual material (whether  known to  them or not) 
-Applicant has been charged with and/or convicted of a crime or offense here or abroad


Please send us an email at or call us at (02) 811-2151*, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

*Remember,  long-distance call charges will apply if you are calling from the provinces.